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We are a family of first-generation American-Italians bringing our wine culture to you. In Italy the focus is on gathering families and friends around a table with good food and great wine. Over a good bottle of wine, friends become family, which is why we strive to provide the best quality of wine at a reasonable price.  


Having a large Italian family, our quality conversations are centered around a great bottle of wine. Growing up, learning about wine has made our family as a whole passionate about bringing our wine experience to others. Our father came from Venice, Italy, where every night they have what is called Ombra. This is where one enjoys a before-dinner glass of wine. This tradition in some ways is similar to Happy Hour.  


Ombra is a Venetian word that originated from a wine shop that was placed at the bottom of the bell tower in San Marco Square. The wine shop would always be located on the shaded side of the tower, thus the name Ombra meaning shade. Having family in Italy makes the idea of sharing our culture with the rest of the world that much more worthwhile. Enjoying a glass of wine is one way everyone from any kind of background can sit down and connect on the same level. Wine helps bring people together, whether it is a family reunion, Friendsgiving, or a date night, we think you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.


From our family to yours, Saulte!

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